SMART - Smart Systems and Services for a more efficient society (prestudy)

The objective of this prestudy is to connect Mid Sweden University’s profiling in Smart Systems and services of towards the needs in region area. The goal is to find a common agenda that can be implemented in a research application for an integrated project within the Smart Systems. This will be done by networking with businesses, public entities and business clusters and then inventorying of their efficiency or improvement needs and combine these needs with the technology behind Smart Systems.


In this prestudy, the formulated objectives how Mid Sweden University and the region should concentrate efforts towards the field of Smart Systems and services and how this mobilization also can build on the university’s attractiveness through its profiling. Within the KK-miljön at Mid Sweden University there is profiles in embedded sensors (previously developed within the research project EnergyWise) and Environmental Sensors (an entirely new area). Furthermore, there is one area that is linking these two areas together - Internet of Things (developed within the research projects KITT and Remote).

The STC research center is with these areas also linked to Vinnova's national innovation strategy by being in the leadership of the two new strategic innovation areas that VINNOVA has just authorized, Electronics (environmental sensors and embedded sensors) and the Internet of Things.

The following three parts of the prestudy will be done to achieve a common agenda in smart systems and services that can be implemented in an application for an integrated project in the area:

  • Networking - to create a comprehensive commitment to the company and clusters that have a need to use smart systems and services, through workshops and collecting all at a conference in October.
  • Profiling - building relationships nationally (through the strategic innovation areas that VINNOVA has started in the area) and internationally through Horizon in 2020.
  • Goal Setting - that by inventorying in the field of formulating goals for the upcoming Structural Funds period to maximize the benefits for the region's businesses and where Mid Sweden University through the regional interaction can build a strong national and international profile.


The objective of this study is to create processes that enable Mid Sweden University’s national and international profile towards smart systems and services to connect with the region needs of the area, in an efficient way in future research projects. This is achieved by the following objectives:

  • to create a network of innovation support systems and businesses with an interest in the field of smart systems and services that will go into a future project.
  • create an agenda and processes for industry, based on Mid Sweden University’s attractiveness in the area and gives advantage to companies in the region, the agenda should be formulated objectives and structures for a major project in the new Structural Fund period.


Project Leader
Mattias O'Nils
Phone: +46 60-148780

Project period

2014 (140601-141231)