Safe and Connected Smart Ventilation Systems with Radon Measurements

This project aims to facilitate Swedish companies to implement digitalization of their products. In co-operation with company partners, researchers will develop a new, connected decentralized ventilation system that will also handle radon measurements.


With IoT-technology and an open platform, it will be possible to optimize processes and services and create completely new businesses. Other companies and industries will be able to use this open concept.

Project partners

The project consists of three partners, Mid Sweden University, which will work with data communication and computer systems, focused on Internet-of-Things (IoT) services, MidDec Scandinavia AB, which develops, manufactures and sells customized detectors for ionized radiation measurement and Air Green Sweden AB develops decentralized ventilation systems, so-called space heat exchangers.

Focus areas

The project contains three work packages:

  1. Developing ventilation units
  2. Secure connection to a smart value chain
  3. New business opportunities.

The idea of the project is also to develop the competitiveness of small businesses because the communication system will develop as an open source system with general programming interfaces, allowing other companies to reuse the majority of the developed platform.

Interview with Air Green Sweden

Air Green Sweden AB at Business Innovation Day

Air Green Sweden first met the researchers Dr. Ulf Jennehag and Dr. Stefan Forsström at Business Innovation Day in october 2016. We interviewed Lars Karström from Air Green Sweden to hear his thoughts on cooperating with the university: "Vi gör det här för att vara i framkant och möta framtidens krav".

Read the interview with Lars Karström at Air Green Sweden.



Project leader

Assistant Prof. Ulf Jennehag


Assistant Prof. Ulf Jennehag

Assistant Prof. Stefan Forsström

Project period

2018-11-01 – 2020-01-31


996 684 SEK


Partner companies