City Movements is a pre-study to examine whether IR technology can count and measure people's movement patterns in a particular place without intruding on their privacy concerns.

Foto: Härnösands kommun


Härnösands kommun has together with various companies and real estate owners started a collaboration to develop the city center and increase trade. During the collaboration project, Handelsplats Härnösand has identified a need to find methods to count the people who pass a certain point, or document their movement patterns in a particular place without affecting their privacy issues.  

In this pre-study, STC together with Handelplats Härnösand will develop a test installation that collects data about how people move in a certain place. The pre-study will also analyze data to make sure it’s processed in way that ensures people's privacy is guaranteed.

The results will form the basis for continued development within the research project SMART an Interreg project.

Research purpose

The purpose of this pre-study is to investigate whether the IR-based technology is suitable to monitor and characterize human movement patterns in buildings and city centers with respect to the privacy problem.

Research goal

The goal of this pre-study is to analyze whether IR technology as a measurement method can generate the necessary information about human movement patterns without revealing their identity. This will be done by:

  • Ensure that the privacy of the individuals is preserved
  • Ensure that the method collects the required data to evaluate, for example, measures to improve the city center


Project owner

Prof. Mattias O'Nils

Project leader

Dr. Muhammad Imran

Project period

2017-01-01 - 2017-08-31

Project funding

280 000 SEK