In this research project, researchers will, in collaboration with the regional fiber industry, develop new installation techniques and tools to improve the efficiency of fiber connections.

Fiber projekt


The global expansion of fiber connections is going on all over the world and access to fiber is crucial for economic growth and contributes to innovation. Only in Sweden is estimated to do fiber investments for 10 billion SEK in 2016. These major investments will create opportunities for new products and innovations.

Regional actors that is driving the technology development, deployment, training and expansion of fiber is; Servanet, Skanova, Iftac, IKT Networks, Hexatronics, Fiber Optic Valley, IP-only and various village associations. They have a great need for efficient installation methods and new products. If the cost of fiber installation can be reduced it is possible to installation fiber where it today is not economically justifiable, which in turn contributes to a vibrant countryside.

Research focus

The project is based on the regional companies need of; new knowledge, new working methods and equipment in order to improve the efficiency of installation and maintenance of fiber. The project has chosen to focus on four areas with great potential for efficiency improvements and new products.

Fiber to the Home Conference 2017

Johan Siden at the Fiber to the home Conference 2017

Researchers Kent Bertilsson and Johan Sidén visited the "Fiber to the home - FTTH Conference 2017" that was arranged in Marseille on February 14, 2017. The purpose of the visit was to investigate the international markets need of new equipment and methods for blowing fibers.

Research focus on four areas:

Duct Characterization

The purpose of duct characterization is to predict how the duct is placed in the ground when the number of sharp bends reduce the maximum length of how long the fiber can be blown into the tube. Th...

Small radiotransmitters

The purpose of this activity is to streamline the fiber installation and maintenance by using small radio transmitters. The activity will develop cost miniaturized radio transmitters.

Welding of fiber ducts

The objective of this activity is to streamline the fiber installation and maintenance by developing a new method for splicing fiber ducts with welding. Joining fiber ducts is done in difficult...


The overall objective of this research project is to take a leading position in innovations for efficient installation and maintenance of fiber through research and development for region. The goal is to increase research and development in the participating companies as more efficient installation methods are expected to contribute to improved profitability and reduced environmental impact due to less machine time and transport. In the long term, the project will also have a positive impact on the region's development as research and development expertise in the regional businesses will be strengthened in information and communication technology (ICT) as well as in the deployment of fiber in the region. In addition, the project will contribute to strengthening and developing research at Mid Sweden University.

The different milestones for the projects are:

  1. Increase knowledge and investments of participating companies in the research and development of fiber technology.
  2. Produce new innovations and demonstrators for efficient rare fiber installation in:
     - Duct characterization
     - Welding fiber ducts
     - Small radio transmitters
     - Automatic detection and characterization of sponges.
  3. Participating businesses and new companies will develop products for efficient fiber installation.
  4. Strengthen cooperation between the region's companies engaged in research, development and installation of fiber and Mid Sweden University.
  5. Increase the proportion of women and people of foreign background who works with fiber installation and development of the participating companies.
  6. To contribute to a better environment by reducing emissions at the installation and maintenance of fiber connections.
  7. Facilitate many of the moments that a fiber installer implements and reduced the time they need to work down in a hole in the ground.

Research group

Power Electronics


7 447 252 SEK
(3 723 627 SEK EU funding)

Project period

2017-01-01 – 2020-04-30

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