Automatic detection and characterization of sponges

The objective of this sub-activity is to streamline the fiber installation and maintenance by developing a new method for splicing of fiber ducts with the help of welding. Splicing fiber ducts is done in difficult environments and involves large workload.

Optical fibers are places by blowing into already buried tubes, called ducts. Existing joint technology fiber dukts are based on the same principle as for compressed air hoses and are not designed for buried fiber installations. To improve the technology, a product based on welding will be developed and evaluated within the project. The new product will give better mechanical properties, smaller workload, higher reliability and shorten the splice time for the installer. The new product will be tested and evaluated together project partners to quickly get feedback on how the solution affects the workload and efficiency of the installation work. It will develop a new generation of fittings, equipment, tools, welding them by remelting of the surface layer. Different types of joints will be evaluated.

Partners within in this activity: Eltel, Servanet, Fiber Optic Valley, Mittuniversitetet

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