Making fresh air visible (prestudy)

The purpose of this prestudy is to create a visualization service that illustrate the air quality in a city, both over time and in real time. The intention is to influence citizens to an environmentally conscious behaviour such as choice of transportation routes. The aim is to improve the environment in the inner city of Sundsvall. This prestudy will promote the development of a visualization center at Mid Sweden University and sustainable growth in Sundsvall Municipality to year 2021.

Kulturmagasinet i Sundsvall


In this prestudy researcher will visualize environmental data and influence citizens' behaviour to further improve the inner city environment of Sundsvall. This is part of a long-term effort towards sustainable environmental objectives for Sundsvall Municipality, towards a Mid Sweden Visualization Cluster.

The pre study will show the public how the air quality in Sundsvall is in relation to the goal of having a top class living environment in 2021 where environmental quality standards for air are achieved. That means both to develop an operating service to illustrate the air quality on a website or a public billboard and also investigate how air data can be visualized in other ways to make the fresh air visible and influence behaviour that favours fresh air and good living conditions.

An important target group in this prestudy is school children interested in new technologies and who will become important players in the future. The report will describe a possible development of services of interest to developers of open data and actors in the application and information technology.


Deliverables after the study phase completed:

  • A visualization service of air data
  • A workshop on visualization as a tool for behavioural change
  • A project plan for a major project with funding proposals.

Now you can see the air quality in Sundsvall

interaktiv skärm, luftkvalitet

Municipality of Sundsvall and Mid Sweden University are working together to find new methods to measure and visualize air quality in Sundsvall. A new interactive display follows the air quality in the city and provides tips on what can be done to improve it.


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Prof.  Mårten Sjöström
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Ulf Jennehag
Katarina Lindblad-Gidlund.

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