Semiconductor radiation detector platform

The project intends to build a strategic national platform for research, development and production of radiation detectors and detector based applications. The purpose of this platform is to coordinate activities in order to strengthen the research as well as commercialization of the results.

The platform is based on the initiative to develop an infrastructure for detector development initiated with the support of the Swedish Research Council and the ERDIT initiative. The objective of ERDIT is to join forces between European detector scientists in order to coordinate the research activities and to promote this field at the funding agencies. By the collaboration between these networks we will be strongly positioned to influence Horizon 2020 and to create strong international consortia to carry out projects in Horizon 2020. Furthermore, it helps to give the Swedish industry access to cutting edge technology in the field.


Research group


Project Leader
Christer Fröjdh
Phone: +46 60-148733
Cellphone: +46 70-6322616

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