Guest seminar in Statistical Machine Learning

Wed 13 Sep 13.00–14.30

Welcome to guest seminar in ”Statistical Machine Learning – An overview of philosophy, techniques, state of art and my current research” with Xijia Liu, researcher at Umeå University.

As increasing amount of data becomes available, both academic and industrial world have been paying more and more attention to machine learning. Especially after several big news of deep learning recently, learning pattern from data becomes the hottest topics both in theory and application. My current researches focus on statistical learning methods and application on image analysis and computer vision. In this talk, first I would like to systematically overview the philosophy, main techniques and state of art in this field. In the second part, some of my current researches will be presented. Those include: 1) image based defects detection in VOLVO project; 2) pseudo CT image (predicted CT image from MRI images); 3) image style translation with a deep structure.

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