Open lecture on AI with Patrick Couch

Thu 01 Sep 13.00–14.00

Welcome to an open online lecture on AI with Patrick Couch Language, Business Developer Data & AI, Solita.

Language, Intelligence & Thinking Machines Patrick Couch Business Developer Data & AI, Solita
Watch the lecture live on this link. The broadcast starts 13:00 on September 1st and will be available immediately to watch again on our Youtube-channel.

Language, Intelligence & Thinking Machines: An introduction to the possibilities and challenges with Artificial Intelligence 

As our technologies become more and more capable and integral to our lives and societies, the possibilities as well as the challenges with these technologies both increase dramatically. In this lecture I will provide a historic, evolutionary and societal context for a discussion of the field of artificial intelligence - its theoretical promises, its applied risks and its inevitable and natural part of our own progress into the future.


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