Guest lecture with Professor Mustafa Arafa

Wed 20 Sep 10.15–12.00

On Wednesday 20 September, Professor Mustafa Arafa will give a guest lecture on the subject ”Harvesting Energy from Mechanical Vibrations: Challenges and Applications”.

En välklädd man med kort hår och glasögon ler mot kameran.

Energy harvesting refers to the extraction of useful energy from ambient sources that are otherwise wasted. While many sources exist in real life, the ubiquity of mechanical vibration in the environment makes it an excellent source of energy to tap into. This talk will present some challenges and applications in harvesting energy from mechanical vibrations using piezoelectric, electromagnetic, and triboelectric devices. The talk is based on research efforts conducted at the American University in Cairo, Egypt and covers issues such as dealing with variable-frequency sources, exploiting wind for flow-induced vibration, and harvesting energy from spinning tires to power up wireless sensors used in automotive tire pressure monitoring systems.

The lecture will be held in O111 and starts at 10.15.

Contact Sebastian Bader,, if there are any questions regarding the lecture.


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