Cleanroom |

At STC we hava a cleanroom of about 250 m2 which are Class 1000 (ISO 6). In the clean room, no particles are allowed to exist as they can interfere with research. This requires great precision at the entrance and exit in the cleanroom.

Two people standing in the Clean room, talking to each other.
A person in a blur lab overall in front of screens in the lab.
Different equipment in the lab.
Gas lines in the floor visible throug a glass window in the floor.
Fume cupboard in the lab with different tools in it.
Different measuring instruments on a table.
Lithographic process room.
A plasma cvd machine.
Space in the lab for plasma etching.
White plastic tools.
Machine to rinse and spin dry.
Equipment in a room in the lab.
Hand holding a square plate under a microscope.
Silikon discs stored in a shelf.
Silicon chips in a plastic container.
Silicon chips on blue plastic.

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