Kent’s research gives the region a boost

Wed 22 Oct 2014 11:05

Boost Innovation is a competition that wants to increase the innovation capacity in the region between Sundsvall and Gävle. The requirements to participate in the competition is to develop new ideas in cooperation with another company, university or public sector in any of the innovation environment Fiber Optic Valley's business areas.

Kent Bertilsson Boost innovation
Kent Bertilsson together with all winners at Boost Innovation. From left: Kent Bertilsson, Christine Hummelgård, SenseAir, Viktor Ell, Insitu, Joel Sundsted, Northlab, Åsa Claesson, Acreo Swedish ICT.

Kent Berilsson at STC participated in the competition with his company SEPS Technologies in collaboration with Inmec Network Technologies, which develops a new splicing method of fiber ducts to improve the technology and reduce costs at the fiber runs. The competition started on April 1st 2014 and on October 22nd the results was announced and Kent's contribution was one of the three winners of 150 000 SEK.

The jury commented: "An innovation that create faster, more flexible and cheaper solutions for fiber installations. The innovators efficient technique for pulling broadband in a manner that is revolutionizing the market."

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