Companies and researchers connects at Business Innovation Day

Mon 17 Oct 2016 10:11

On October 17, business leaders and business representatives were gathered together with researchers from Mid Sweden University to find solutions on business challenges. This year, 12 companies submitted challenges. One of them was Air Green Sweden in Sundsvall.

Lars Karström Air Green Sweden Business Innovation Day
Lars Karström from Air Green Sweden demonstrates the ventilation unit that is going to be connected to the Internet

- We do this to be in the forefront and meet future demands and I think that the right mix of researchers and entrepreneurs is the perfect combination for that, says Lars Karström on Air Green Sweden.

Business Innovation Day was organized for the third year and so far the initiative have been successful. A total of 30 organizations received help from researchers at Mid Sweden University, with its challenges over the past year. So far more than half of them have become research collaborations, while others resulted in new solutions for the companies to work with at home.

- The challenges can involve, for example a product that needs to be developed, a new service or an approach that need to be streamlined, says Mattias O'Nils, professor at Mid Sweden University and one of the initiators of the Business Innovation Day.

The companies reported challenges that they wanted help to solve and get a research perspective on. The challenges were then matched up with university researchers. Then they work together in workshops to solve the challenges. Lars Karström is one of the partners at Air Green Sweden that manufactures ventilation units. They have filed a challenge to the Business Innovation Day.

- We want to develop our products and make them smarter. Can we connect the ventilation units to the Internet and remotely control them it will open up new business opportunities, says Lars.

You can find ventilation units from Air Green Sweden in the new floating house in Sundsvall harbour where students will test to live for one year. The challenge to make these ventilation units connected will be addressed by researchers from Mid Sweden University who are experts in fields such as electronics, radon and the Internet of Things

Business Innovation Day is organized by STC and FSCN  research centers together with innovation environments Fiber Optic Valley and BioBusiness Arena.

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