Mon 24 Oct 2016 11:41

STC research center would like to welcome our new guest professor Emiliano Sisinni from University of Brescia, Italy. Prof. Sisinni will support with knowledge within the research areas electronic engineering and information engineering. In October he made his first visit to Mid Sweden University.


Prof. Sisinni work as an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Engineering at the University of Brescia, Italy, within the field of electronics. His main research topic is the development and the performance evaluation of digital networks for industrial communications. This is his second visit to Sweden. His first visit was in August 2015.

-        I was in Gothenburg for a conference and I also took the opportunity to have a vacation with my family. To be honest, I was a bit anxious for my visit this time considering the time of year and the cold weather. But it was better than I had expected, not so cold yet.

The University of Brescia is a medium-sized university in Italy, very similar to Mid Sweden University. Another similarity is the close relation to local companies, which enable research groups to work with activities and issues in collaboration with the industry. Prof. Sisinni is within the research group ES³, Embedded Systems & Smart Sensors.

-        I visited the electronics lab with Prof. Gidlund and we discussed the research and the arrangement of the university, and I noticed that we basically have the same challenges to face within the research area and also when it comes to funding.

The collaboration between Mid Sweden University and University of Brescia gives the opportunity for student exchange, common research and common publications. Prof. Sisinni strongly believe in the collaboration because the universities complement each other well in the knowledge and competence.

-        We share nearly the same kind of challenges, so I also think it’s important to share knowledge and to learn different ways of working.

The main goal with the collaboration is to get help with strategic knowledge enhancement to the research environment.

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