Science day attracted many high school students

Tue 04 Oct 2016 11:04

At the 14th of September, nearly 1000 high school students gathered for Science day at Mid Sweden University. The day was about inspire and providing tools for students attending their last year in high school.


During the day, students got lectures on the scientific process, source criticism and inspirational lectures by our researchers. The day was also a great opportunity for students to get to know Mid Sweden University and hopefully get inspiration for higher education.

This time Ph.D-student Reza Salim talked about why we have masses and how everything in this universe is swimming through the Higgs field. We are made of atoms and atoms are made of elementary particles, who get their masses by interacting with the Higgs particles in the Higgs field.

Also, Ph.D-student Enkeleda Balliu told the students about the importance of light and how many people today take it for granted. She gave many examples where the light (above all the laser) is crucial for the development of society and the way we live today. And how will light affect the way we live in the future?

The day is started and developed by Mid Sweden University and high schools in the region.

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