28 million for research at Mid Sweden University

Thu 17 Dec 2015 10:33

The Knowledge Foundation has granted more than 28 million for research at Mid Sweden University research environment Transformative Technologies.

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- We conduct advanced research in collaboration with industry. Since a few years, we have built a cohesive organization that focuses on transformative technologies in the forest industry and the ICT sector. The Knowledge Foundation supports this concentrated effort between academia and industry, says Hans-Erik Nilsson, dean and coordinator of the research environment Transformative Technologies at Mid Sweden University.

Transformative Technologies is a joint research environment for the two research centers STC (Sensible Things that Communicate) and FSCN (Fibre Science and Communication Network) at Mid Sweden University. With the researchers' excellence in chemical engineering, electronics engineering, engineering physics and computer technology the research environment support the industry in developing new products, innovations and services.

Transformative Technologies started in 2011 and is funded by the Knowledge Foundation. The goal is to create conditions for an industrial renewal that can lead to growth in both new and established companies and ultimately benefit the entire region. Within the environment research projects are conducted in close cooperation with industry.

- We note that there is a stable and coherent management of the Knowledge Foundation Environment at Mid Sweden University, we are noting that there has been a further strategy development for Transformative Technologies, says Madelene Sandström, CEO of the Knowledge Foundation. It is an interesting aspect to the research environment through their vision explicitly addresses the desire to contribute to industrial development.

Research to be funded

My university when funding for two international guest professors. The aim is that they should contribute to strategic knowledge enhancement to the research environment.

  • Guest professor Emiliano Sisinni from University of Brescia, Italy.
  • Guest professor Consolatina Liguori from University of Salerno, Italy.

Research projects

  • DUVA - Detector and method development in the UV and EUV wavelength region, for application in processing industries Project leadar: Associate professor Göran Thungström
    Partnerföretag: Sitek Elektro Opics AB, PulpEye AB
  • Enccp – Eco-friendly engineering of nanocrystalline cellulose for "green" packaging. Project leader: Professor Armando Cordóva
    Partner Companies: Holmen AB, Tetra Pak AB, MoRe Research Örnsköldsvik AB
  • Movements – Method for Cost Optimized Volumetric Object Monitoring Systems.Project leader: Dr Najeem Lawal
    Partner companies: Vattenfall AB, Combitech AB, In Situ AB
  • Timeliness – Time- and Mission-Critical Communication in Low-Power Wireless Networks.Project leader: Professor Mikael Gidlund
    Partner companies: ABB Corporate Research AB, Analog Devices AB
  • Transform – New process to produce delignified pulp based on mechanical pulp as raw material. Project leader: Professor Magnus Norgren
  • X-coat – Characterisation of layered structures by a combination of X-ray flourescence and Compton imaging. Project leader: Professor Christer Fröjdh
    Partner companies: Mantex AB, Holmen Iggesund Paperboard AB, Excillum AB, MoRe Research Örnsköldsvik AB
  • Grit – Distributed Green Services on the Internet-of-Things.Project leader: Dr. Stefan Forsström
    Partner companies: Prevas AB, Dohi Sweden AB

Education programmes

  • OCXIS – Operation and Change of Complex Industrial Systems. Project leader: Assistant professor Olof Björkqvist
    Partner companies: Akzo Nobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals AB, Dewire AB, Länsförsäkringar Västernorrland, Nordea AB, SCA Forest Products AB och ÅF Industry AB
  • SANDAS – Master of Science in Sensor and Automation Systems. Project leader: Assistant professor Claes Mattsson, head of the department
    Partner companies: ÅF AB, Svensk Elektronik, Fiber Optic Valley AB, Emhart Glass AB, Combitech AB, Eurocon AB, SenseAir AB

Read more about the research at Transformative Technologies.


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