ABB held a guest lecture to master students

Mon 14 Sep 2015 16:30

Monday, October 14, Johan Åkerberg and Tomas Lennvall from ABB Corporate Research in Västerås visited Mid Sweden University. During their visit they held a guest lecture to the students of the International Master's program in Computer Engineering.

ABB Tomas Lennvall och Johan Åkerberg

Johan and Thomas presented ABB for the students and discussed how wireless sensor system in the industry work in reality and what challenges there are. What separates theory from practical applications in industry?

Thomas works as a Principal Scientist at ABB and his lecture presented the area of real-time communication system. Johan Åkerberg, who also works as a principal scientist at ABB, is one of the partners to the STC research project ASIS - Autonomous Sensors for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks. The project just started up and will continue for four years with the goal to improve wireless sensor network in the industry so that they will be just as good as today's wired options, but cheaper to install and more flexible.

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