Higher quality of compressed 3D-images

Fri 05 Jun 2015 11:28

Improved quality of the experience of 3D-images and 3D-information that takes up less space and are easier to transfer. There are some recent results from the research center STC which develops 3D technology - from capturing to presentation.


In June, two PhD-students will defend the thesis. The PhD-student Yun Li are first to defend his doctoral thesis on June 9. He has developed new compression algorithm that efficiently compresses large amounts of data information from a so-called plenoptisk camera and then presents the information without any loss of quality.

Opponent at public defense is Professor Touradj Ebrahimi who is chairman of the initiative JPEG Pleno within the international standards organization (ISO) and an expert on how to compress images taken with multi-camera systems.

The second PhD-student is Suryanarayana Muddala who have worked to improve the quality of 3D presentations. Normally there are always small information gaps in the 3D-image that can disturb the experience for the viewer. Suryanarayana has through his research developed alternate methods for creating virtual views with different perspectives. One method uses the so called inpainting technology that fills the "information holes" in the image with customized information from other parts of the picture.

Professor Christine Guillemot is a world leading researchers in the field, and will be the opponent on the thesis on Thursday  June 18, when the defense takes place.
Professor Mårten Sjöström leads the research Realistic 3D at the research center STC and has supervised PhD-students in their work.

- Our research team at Mid Sweden University is located in front of the 3D area, and these two theses contributes to more knowledge that will benefit many different application areas, ranging from media industry to process industry, says Mårten Sjöström.

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