Tue 01 Jun 2010 15:21

Javier Aranda is a PhD-student within the research group Wireless Sensor System with a focus on Energy harvesting for wireless sensors.

Aranda Javier intervjubild

What is your area of interest?

I am interested in the development of practical green technologies in the area of electronics and mechatronics. The main goal is to build solutions that have a positive impact on the environment while being marketable as a consumer good or in the industry. I am deeply attracted to the modeling and design of robust energy harvesting devices with high energy extraction efficiency. My goal is to develop my knowledge and skills to be able to produce tools and methods that can ease the design and modeling of future practical green electronics.

What is it that you are going to investigate in your PhD?

My research is focused on the evaluation, modeling and design of novel energy harvesting technologies for wireless sensor networks. This research is very interesting since it enables the exploration of myriad possibilities for energy harvesting. It is our work to categorize, model and build optimized energy harvesting devices for the different energy sources available in the environment and in industrial settings. The research comprises from extraction of energy to the best circuitry design for optimal energy conversion and storage.

Why did you choose Sweden and Mid Sweden University?

I choose Mid Sweden University since it offered a great opportunity to do research and to develop my knowledge and skills in a topic I am fascinated. The facilities in the university and the pronounced industrial collaboration were very attracting. I was sure I would be able to reach all my career objectives with all these qualities. After deciding I wanted to study at Mid Sweden University I got more excited knowing I was coming to Sweden, since it is a very beautiful place, with an amazing landscape and great environment. It also offers a great quality of life and the people is nice and welcoming.


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