Li Xiaotian is a PhD-student within the research group Printed Sensor Systems and he will focus his work at large area RFID reader antennas.

About Xiaotian

Name: Li Xiaotian
Background: MSc. electronic design, Mittuniversitetet. BSc. communication engineering, Beijing Information Science and Technology University. Research group: Printed Sensor Systems
Research Project: ID-POS
Supervisor: Johan Sidén

What is your area of interest?

We had different directions (areas) about my bachelor program, for example communication coding, mobile communications and fiber optical communication etc. The direction (area) is microwave technology and high frequency electronics. In the other words, my interest is the hardware part of wireless communication. Especially, during the past two years, I have enjoyed exploring NFC and UHF RFID under Dr. Sidén’s supervision.

What is it that you are going to investigate in your Ph.D?

My research will mainly focus on the large area RFID reader antennas that can be used for determining the position of a certain RFID tag. We are going to investigate different antenna structures for UHF and HF. The combination between antenna elements, microwave technologies and printing electronics will also be studied. We are also going to study the limitations of the structure, which includes maximum covering area, accuracies, suitable transmission lines (waveguides) and materials etc.

Why did you choose Sweden and Mid Sweden University?

I came to Mid Sweden University as an exchange student in 2012. Then I chose to stay here to finish my master program. During the past three years, I have found that the research in our university is very attractive and practical. When I started my current project as master thesis, I saw the possibilities and potentials of this project. I would like to carry out the future of this project by myself very much. I think our university has provided me an opportunity to achieve something significant.

Additionally, Sundsvall is a city that is suitable for living and studying. My hometown is a small city that located 10 KM away from Chinese-Russian border, which has the same size and style of Sundsvall. Sundsvall is like a second hometown to me.

When I was a student in China, I learned that Sweden has the reputation of engineers’ homeland. Since I am an engineering student and my home university, BISTU, has the exchange program with Mid Sweden University, I immediately applied for it and I was very eager to explore the country that contributes Eriksson, Electrolux, Volvo, Scandia and ABB. I had strong feelings that this is right place to go as an engineering student.

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