Luca Beltramelli is a PhD-student within the research group Sensor-based Services. He will focus his research on Wireless Sensor Networks and M2M communication.

Luca Beltramelli

Luca Beltramelli, PhD-student

Background: Automationand Industrial Communication
Research group:
Sensor-based Services
Research Project: M2M Communication
Supervisor: Prof. Mikael Gidlund

What is your area of interest?

Industrial Networks both wired and wireless  and Distributed Control Systems.

What is it that you are going to investigate in your Ph.D?

My research focus will be on WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) with a particular emphasis on M2M (Machine to Machine) communication in smart grid networks. I am going to investigate reliable and secure M2M communication, mainly in the distribution and consumer part of smart grid system.

Why did you choose Sweden and Mid Sweden University?

I do not recall making these particular choices, it all happen gradually as I was completing my MA thesis. I was here in Sweden for a six months period as a master thesis worker in the research center of ABB in Västerås. Working there gave me the possibility to assist, even though for a short time, in the researches carried out. My first meeting with Prof. Gidlund happened during that time. Following the development of my thesis I realized how thrilling and enjoyable was working in the research field. I am glad to have found a way to do what I like here at Mid Sweden University. I am thankful for this opportunity.

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