Workshop in scenario analysis

Thu 28 Apr 2016 13:43

On April 27, 2016 we arranged an open seminar in scenario analysis together with Alf Westelius professor of Linköping University.


Researchers from STC, CER and FSCN participated in the seminar together with BioBusiness Arena, Fiber Optic Valley and Sundsvalls kommun.

Scenario analysis is a way to to explore possible futures and their implications for its own organization and its efforts. In this seminar, the members got the opportunity to take part of the theory and practice of scenario analysis and how they can use it in their everyday work to strengthen their strategic choices.

Alf Westelius, professor at department EIS at Linköping University. His research centres on change processes (often, but not exclusively connected with IT) and conditions for attaining sustainable change. Related areas include strategic applications of IT, learning, knowledge management, management control, management of change and project management. The concept Perspectives management - identifying and paying heed to perspective differences among people regarding the phenomenon of interest - is central in his research.


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