Khurram Shahzad ‑ new postdoc at STC

Fri 20 Oct 2017 13:44

We would like to welcome back our "new" old colleague Dr. Khurram Shahzad to STC. Dr. Shahzad will be working as a postdoc within the research project SMART, where he will investigate the possibility of "in-sensor processing" for various applications in sensor systems and IoTs.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background as a researcher?

I did MS from Linkoping University in 2009 with specialization in System-on-Chip design. In 2014, I completed PhD from Mid Sweden University. My research areas include Embedded Systems, Sensor Systems and IoTs with a focus on developing efficient architectures for various applications. During PhD studies, I investigated communication and computational challenges in Wireless Sensor Networks, particularly for industial applications that generate a large amount of raw data or otherwise require complex processing algorithms to process that data.

What have you been doing since your dissertation in 2014?

For the last three years, since my PhD exam, I worked in academia in my home country, Pakistan. Where, in addition to conducting research and teaching at bachelor and post-graduate level programs, I also served as post-graduate program coordinator for some time. For a period of little over one year, I got the opportunity to lead a department.

What experiences do you bring back to us?

Back in Pakistan, I got a chance to work with people who studied/worked in different parts of the world primarily in technologically advanced countries. So, I think in addition to technical & management skills that I developed/enhanced during this period, I also acquired a positive essence of different nations in my work.

Why did you choose Mid Sweden University for your postdoc?

There are several reasons. Firstly, Mid Sweden University has grown significantly over the short period of time since obtaining university status. And this is because of a clear vision and a strong team to whom I want to be part of, once again. Secondly, the problem to be investigated in this position is quite connected to the research topic that I investigated during PhD. And I would like to conduct further research in this area. Lastly, as an alumni, I am familiar with people, university, and the city.

What is it that you are going to investigate as a postdoc?

In this position, I am going to investigate possibility of "in-sensor processing" for various applications in sensor systems and IoTs. The objective is to improve performance & energy efficiency of edge devices as well as network by optimizing embedded computing architectures in such systems.

What is your personal goals as a postdoc?

The goal is to actively contribute in the research group through scientific publications in reputed journals. In one year, I would like to formulate research ideas and apply for funding.



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