Muhammad Imran ‑ new Adjunct Assistant Professor from Hiab

Fri 15 Dec 2017 09:00

As of November 1, Dr. Muhammad Imran started his position as Adjunct Assistant Professor from our partner company Hiab. For Muhammad, STC is a well familiar environment as he conducted his PhD here and has worked in Visual Sensor System groups as a post-doc researcher. We are very glad to re welcome Muhammad to our team!


Tell us a little about your background?

I came to Sweden from Pakistan in 2007 for Master in Electrical Engineering at Linköping University. This choice was after a thought process as I had the scholarship to opt for a study at TKK Helsinki, University of Sussex and Linköping University. Doing a PhD was a goal instilled in me by my mother in childhood when she used to tell me stories of Pakistan's most famous Scientist.

To pursue my PhD, I joined Mid Sweden University in 2009 as it has the excellent profile in embedded vision systems; with application-based research. My PhD dissertation was "Energy efficient and programmable architecture for wireless vision sensor node" under the supervision of Mattias O'Nils. After defending my PhD dissertation in 2013, I continued working in Visual Sensor System groups as a post-doc researcher until April 2017. Since April, I have been working at Hiab as Senior Machine Vision Engineer.

What will be your focus as Adjunct Assistant Professor?

In this new role my focus would be to exchange ideas, find interesting use-cases, develop new sensing and measurement methods and apply for collaborative projects both at national and European level.

In my opinion, learning is a continuous process which is mainly driven by educational and research institutes. By associating with experienced researchers at STC research centre, I have the opportunity to discuss the state of the art in computer vision. Since I am familiar with the environment; it gives me an advantage to easily interact with most of the experienced researchers at STC.

Most of my time I will spend working from Hiab. Depending on the task, I will spend time in Sundsvall and of course, it is always proud feelings visiting the Mid Sweden University. 

How come Hiab is a partner with Mid Sweden and which projects are Hiab involved in?

Hiab is at the forefront to adopt new technology in order to increase product's efficiency and safety. That makes us a natural partner with universities working in related new technologies. Currently, Hiab is involved in the QoEAT project* with Mid Sweden University and there are a few other projects in the pipeline.

*Quality of Experience (QoE) for Augmented Telepresence. Augmented Telepresence can be describes as when you combine High quality video conferencing with information from databases in real time. By combing these two techniques it is possible to for example to operate a crane from a different location.



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