Kick‑off for a new research project on Augmented Telepresence

Fri 24 Feb 2017 15:19

The first of January the new research project called ”Quality of Experience for Augmented Telepresence” started at Mid Sweden University. On February 6-7 it was time for a kick-off meeting that gathered all partners at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall. During these two days the partners got to know each others businesses and plan the upcoming collaboration.

Kick-Off meeting for research project

The goal of the research project is to find a method to measure the quality of experience for Augmented Telepresence, in other words the technical systems that make it possible to experience and influence an environment remotely where information also is presented superimposed on the video. You could say that it is Augmented Reality remotely. One of the business partners in the project are Alkit Communications that develops video communications systems for the automotive industry and e-health. For example, they have developed a system that make it possible to offer stroke patients rehabilitation assistance at a distance.

- The area will explode, the technology matures and becomes cheaper, the bandwidth increases and can handle more information, the design is getting better and easier to use, it is only your creativity that sets the limit. With this cooperation we want to learn more about the basic technology on 3D video and Augmented Telepresence, says Mathias Johanson at Alkit Communications.

HIAB manufactures cranes for timber industry and is a new partner to Mid Sweden University in this area. HIAB has developed a technology that makes it possible for the driver to control  cranes from inside the cab without having to leave it. A variety of sensors and cameras collects data that is processed and presented to the user by VR goggles. HIAB is one of the first on the market with this technology and want with this research collaboration develop a way to assure the quality of their products and find more uses for the technology. A possible further development of the existing system is to control the cranes at a longer distance.

Kjell Brunnström is an adjunct professor at Mid Sweden University from Acreo. Acreo´s role is to create partnerships between Swedish industry and universities. Kjell works primarily with visual quality where Augmentet Reality and Virtual Reality is a part and he wants to increase his knowledge and find new methods within this specific area.

- The technology of Augmented and Virtual Reality becoming more commercial and expands the opportunities within the area. When developing and taking advantage of the development together it becomes a living cooperation, says Kjell Brunnström.

Now Alkit Communications, HIAB, Acreo and Mid Sweden University will develop a prototype system which can evaluate different types of systems and technologies for Augmented Telepresence. During the kick-off meeting the companies discussed if they can make use of HIAB cranes to test and verify the different techniques

- We hope to find new solutions that we can implement during the project, but it surly will show up new questions along the way. With this cooperation we like to further increase our expertise in the area. The competitors will catch up and to keep our lead we have to improve our competence and develop new applications, says Magnus Petterson at HIAB.

The research project “Quality of Experience for Augmented Telepresence” is a two year project funded by the Knowledge Foundation.

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