Meet Johannes ‑ A new PhD‑student at STC

Tue 21 Mar 2017 15:14

Meet Johannes Lindén, a new PhD-student within the research group Communication Systems and Networks. Johannes will do his research in the field of Big Data and will be a part of the research project SMART.

Johannes Linden

Tell me about your background

I will finish of my civil engineer degree in computer science in June where I will present my thesis work. I have investigated how to perform text analysis on unformatted texts for the media company Mittmedia who have a database with 100-200 000 articles. I found a solution how to categorize the articles and how to paraphrase articles automatically.

Why did you choose a career as a researcher?

I always had an interest in programming, system development and machine learning. I studied industrial technology in high school and continue my studies at Mid Sweden University as a civil engineer. At my spare time I work as a self-employed consultant that is building websites and other It-solutions for customers. I like to challenge myself and thanks to my thesis work I found new areas that challenge and inspire me to continue my work.

What are you going to investigate as a PhD?

I will do my PhD within the field of Big Data and will support the research group Communication Systems and Networks. I just started my PhD and so far I started to read more about the field and deepen my knowledge.


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