Luca granted funding to present paper at IEEE ICIT

Mon 03 Jul 2017 15:17

The board of Ericsson Research Foundation selected PhD-student Luca Beltramelli to receive a grant of 18 900 SEK for financing his trip to the well-known IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology in Toronto in March this year.

ICIT 2017

At the conference Luca presented his paper “Hybrid MAC Mechanism for Energy Efficient Communication in in IEEE 802.11ah”.

Luca Beltramelli is a PhD-student within the research project “Reliable and Secure M2M communication in cyber-Physical Systems” at STC Research Centre. His research focus on enabling wireless communication technology for smart grid networks.

In the paper Luca and his co-writers (P. Österberg, U. Jennehag and M. Gidlund) propose to use the features of IEEE 802.11ah MAC to realize a hybrid contention-reservation mechanism for the transmission of uplink traffic. They have developed a mathematical model to analyze the energy consumption of the proposed mechanism and of IEEE 802.11ah. The results show that for a monitoring scenario the proposed contention-reservation mechanism reduces the energy consumption for a successful uplink data transmission by up to 55 %.

Read the full paper abstract on IEEEXplorer


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