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Fri 15 Sep 2017 14:20

We would like to welcome our new colleague Dr. Lakshmikanth Guntupalli to STC. Dr. Guntupalli will be working as a postdoc in the research group Communication Systems and Networks and in the research project SMART. His research will focus on developing protocols for energy harvesting wireless sensor networks.


Dr. Lakshmikanth Guntupalli finished both his Bachelor and Master degrees in Electronics and Communications Engineering in his homeland India. In September 2016, he defended his PhD thesis at the University of Agder, Norway in Wireless Networking profile.

During your PhD, what was your research focus?

The title of my PhD thesis is Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks: Transmission Protocols and Performance Evaluation. The main aim of this work is to propose protocols to utilize the battery of sensor nodes efficiently, so that the operational lifetime of deployed wireless sensor network can be extended. During my PhD, I have proposed energy efficient medium access control protocols for WSNs and developed discrete time Markov chain models to evaluate and optimize the performance of designed protocols. Moreover, I have validated those models via discrete-event simulations using C programming language. Since my PhD work is on WSNs, it is straightforward for me to continue my research towards Internet of things and 5G networks.

What is it that you are going to investigate as a postdoc?

I am going to work on developing protocols for energy harvesting wireless sensor networks. Since the energy is not a constraint in such networks, I am going to look at the performance in terms of reliability and delay. To this end, I am going to consider wireless energy transfer techniques for the industrial applications using Internet of Things and 5G. In this postdoc duration, I am working in the research project SMART in contributing towards the industrial automation using IoT and 5G.

What is your personal goals in your postdoc?

I wish to pursue with teaching and research, and my main aim is to become a Professor. In order to do that, I would like to join in a postdoc position to strengthen my research competence. Therefore, during the postdoctoral period, I will do my best to publish high quality journal papers. I am planning to submit at least one journal paper per year. Besides writing papers, I am also planning to initiate new research proposals in the research group.

Why did you choose Mid Sweden University?

I found that the research about 5G wireless networks in the research group Communication Systems and Networks is very interesting and in line with my research interests and capabilities. I also think that Mid Sweden University provides a challenging and progressive environment to learn, grow and to enhance research potential in contributing to the research on future wireless communications and networks.

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