Rewarding workshop on biochemistry and digitization

Mon 22 Jan 2018 10:39

On 17 January a workshop on digitization and bioeconomics was held here at Mittuniversitetet.

Around 35 representatives from research, technology developers, forest industry and other stakeholders gathered to discuss and find common strengths and development potentials focusing on the region prior to ongoing MISTRA announcement.
- It was fun that we had such a large participation! There were many good thoughts and ideas as well as new approaches that are valuable for the continued work! says Claes Mattsson, STC and Head of Department of Electronics Mid Sweden University.

Jonas Joelsson, R & D Manager at Processum, was the one who held the workshop in participation with the research centres STC and FSCN. Thanks to all participants for a rewarding workshop! Now the work continues!

About Mistra and the announcement

Mistra, is a Swedish research foundation. Mistra supports research of strategic importance for a good life environment and sustainable society development.  

For this 
announcement Mistra invites research groups to submit proposals for a new research program together with relevant actors in society. The proposals should focus on developing long-term solutions to significant environmental challenges facing society. The focus of the call is on bioeconomy, especially in relation to primary and secondary forestry products. The research will focus on developing effective resource utilization throughout the product lifecycle and contributing to sustainable development.

Read more about the announcement on Mistra's website


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