Science Pitch for successful collaborations

Mon 15 Oct 2018 15:00

How can we get a greater share of research from universities to make practical use of society? In Sweden, there is a lot of research that outside the universities and academia can not get used to because it never reaches the commercial market.

Science Pitch, Science and Innovation Day 2018

. Utilizing research results is about making sure that it actually creates a value in one way or another in society.

At present, there is a need to find more financial actors who can contribute and enable this. Science Pitch is a concept developed by Mid Sweden University and Åkroken Science Park to find these actors and match those with researchers at the university. The researchers who participate have research results that are ready to be tested on the market and now have the opportunity to meet potential partners that can help take on the results.

- We have gathered actors from different parts of society to attend the Science Pitch to see if we can find any successful collaborations. New arrivals, entrepreneurs, industry and industry skills as well as students constitute the group that will meet the researchers, says Sven Wadman, Innovation Advisor at Mid Sweden University.

All participants have been matched with research cases based on their previous experience and competence areas.

- I hope to find a partner that has the driving force and the ability to take my research results forward to hopefully contribute to a safer society, says Kaarlo Niskanen, Professor at the Research Center FSCN,  Mid Sweden University, and one of the researchers participating in the Science Pitch.

- An important part for us at Åkroken Science Park is to be the bridge between business and university. We work close to Mid Sweden University to together find new ways to enable research to create a greater value in society, says Ewa Sandeheim, Business Area Manager at Åkroken Science Park.

A first test will be conducted at the Science & Innovation Day conference on October 16 at Quality Hotel in Sundsvall. The conference is a collaboration between Mid Sweden University's Research Center CER, FSCN and STC, Åkroken Science Park, BizMaker, RISE Processum and Fiber Optic Valley for the purpose of linking research to industry.

Ewa Sandeheim, Business Area Manager,Åkroken Science Park

Sven Wadman, Innovation Adviser, Mid Sweden University



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