Workshop on establishing a new national IoT hub

Tue 20 Feb 2018 09:14

On February 16, Bron held a rewarding workshop at Mid Sweden University on establishing a new national IoT hub in the region.

Around twenty participants from 15 different regional companies and organizations discussed available and validated IoT products and services that respond to public sector challenges.

- We had very good discussions that landed in IoT accessibility issues for, among others, retirees and people with disabilities, says Mattias O'Nils, Professor Mid Sweden University.

The workshop was submitted to Vinnova's announcement "Internet of Things for Innovative Social Development" within the Strategic Innovation Program for the Internet of Things. Vinnova invests in projects that use Internet of Things to solve social challenges. The projects will be based on the problems of public organizations, such as municipalities and county councils.
Read more at Vinnova's website (In Swedish)


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