Emad Samadaei – New Postdoc at STC

Fri 16 Mar 2018 13:41

We are glad to present Dr. Emad Samadaei who joined us in February as a new Postdoc. His research in Power Electronic Converters in various power systems is a perfect match for the “Wide Input Range Insulated Converter” project.

Emad Samadaei, Postdoc STC

As a researcher in the Power Electronics research group, Emad will look into a Power converter for, among other things, automotive. How to convert and recover energy more efficiently while driving and slowing down without waste of energy.

- There are similar systems on the market already, but we want to develop converters with high performance over a much wider range than exist today while keep the cost to its minimum. I applied to Mid Sweden University because the work is related to my previous research. I also wanted to develop my research and ideas with modern equipment in an international environment, says Emad, who moved to Sundsvall with his wife in February. His wife has also a Master's degree in electrical engineering. 

Technology-interested since childhood

The interest in finding out how things worked has been since Emad was a child. As a twelve-year-old, he wrote an essay in the school where he described that wanted to become an electrical engineer when he grows up. So it was not so surprising that Emad started his the studies in Power Electronics at Babol Noshirvani University of Technology in the homeland Iran.

After completing the bachelor's degree, he continued his master's degree at the same university (and further ahead his Ph.D.) where he was increasingly interested in the theoretical and practical knowledge of Power Electronics.

- I am interested in the power electronics area since it can be used for wide applications, for power systems, electrical machinery, and transmission system. Basically, anything that needs to have power processing. With this science, we can redesign things into new things! Emad explains.

Well-established industrial contacts

In his master thesis, he introduced six new algorithms to analyze harmonics and to control the switching in Active Power Filter as a Voltage Source Converters. During his master course, he had the opportunity to work with several power companies who were specialized in high voltage and industrial process supply.

Emad became responsible for everything from project management, high voltage power substation design to installation supervision and test procedure. The experience made him an expert in a high voltage environment and industrial process supply solutions. The knowledge from both the academic world and the industry resulted in a book: "The design of high voltage substation".

Emad also developed a new efficient power converter device (Active Power Filter) at a much lower cost in a smaller size. The converter can be connected to power systems to reduce harmonics, accurately. The device is currently manufactured and sold to the Iranian industry.

Emad’s doctoral studies took place at the Power Electronics Research Center and he presented his dissertation in 2016. The research focused on the operation, control, and application of power electronic converters in various power systems, especially on multilevel converter architecture, active power filter and pulsed power. Emad’s Ph.D. thesis introduced some new practical modules of power converters with low semiconductors based on the achieving of maximum levels from DC sources like photovoltaic, battery, fuel cell and wind turbine.

The main goal was to design more efficient solutions for large-scale electricity transport and conversion. During his PhD, he also worked as a lecturer and supervisor at some universities in Iran.

Violin and football

Outside the job is the violin and football that attracts.
- I have been playing violin for about 14 years and think it is very interesting. I know Iranian music and play a lot of Iranian music but also some classical and pop music. I also really like the sports, especially football and swimming. Then I would like to learn more about the Swedish culture, go skiing and speaking Swedish. I have already learned one important Swedish word. Fika! Emad laughs.

Babol Noshirvani University of Technology in Iran. Photo: Wikipedia.


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