Good Tech Hack arranged in Sundsvall

Mon 05 Mar 2018 13:21

Last weekend, Good Tech Hack was organized for the first time in Sundsvall and the interest was record-breaking. 110 people participated in the competition conducted at Grönborgs at Mid Sweden University. The winning team was DMU, the development unit at Mittmedia who was awarded for the best concept and won the title Good Tech Hack winner 2018. Within the team was Johannes Lindén, PhD student at STC.

Good Tech Hack
The winning team at Good Tech Hack 2018: Pontus Ekholm, Michelle Ludovici, Jenny Vesterlund, Stefan Wallin och Johannes Lindén. (Photo from Bron Innovation)

What was your concept?
Our winning concept was to prevent hate speech messages in SMS and other chat applications. The service works as an intermediary for vulnerable persons for prevention purposes. We see potential in developing our idea into a product that can, for example, help parents to protect their children against inappropriate content and networking.

Does this link to your research on STC?
There are some similarities when both my research and the hack idea are about analyzing Swedish texts. However, there are different methods used to achieve the results.

What do you think about the event?
The event was amazingly fun and me and my team were very passionate about our idea throughout the night. It was exciting to see different ideas take shape and although we threw away many ideas during the evening it was surprising that we won in the end, not just one prize but two.


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Good Tech Hack


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