NIIT - Next Generation Industrial IoT

Fri 02 Feb 00:00

Next Generation Industrial IoT is a new research action at Mid Sweden University. The industrial focus will be on next generation IoT technology and methods supporting the transformation of the process industries.

NIIT Next generation industrial IoT
– Enabling technologies for distributed autonomous systems

The research is conducted in close collaboration with industrial partners and consists of the following research tracks:

NIIT områden

Challenges in low power wireless communication are addressed targeting
low-latency and predictable communication, security, and IP for automation.

NIIT områden

Research in methods and technologies to meet the increasing demand on
real-time big data analysis in industrial automation systems.

NIIT områden

Industrial components with integrated functionalities for condition and process monitoring, self-adaptability and learning requires integrated sensing, energy-efficient computation and communication, and self-powered systems.



Questions about NIIT? Please contact Prof. Bengt Oelmann:
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