Sundsvall is committed to becoming a world leader in the Internet of Things with accessibility in focus

Mon 21 May 2018 12:00

Innovation Authority Vinnova allocates SEK 12 million to Mid Sweden University, Bron Innovation and Sundsvall Municipality in a new project. Snowshoeing and slipping are connected with new technology with the goal of Sundsvall becoming world-leading in using the Internet of Things for increased accessibility.

Sundsvalls kommun
Photo: Anders Thorsell

- It is very gratifying to have the opportunity to develop a city that is accessible to everyone through modern technology and together with the region's business and leading researchers at Mid Sweden University. This will contribute positively to the municipality's development in several areas, says Anders Hedenius, chairman of the City Planning Committee and for the municipality's disability council.

Accessibility is the focus of the project. Around Sundsvall, sensors and nodes will be installed on ramps, lifts and vehicles such as vehicles for home care and snow removal. In this way, information are gathered about accessibility and accessibility. A system will then describe how the accessibility looks like on different lanes in the municipality after snow removal and slope control. The citizens can then get recommendations on accessibility from a cloud service and an app. 

- With this project we are able to create something that gives national and international impressions! Once again it shows the strength and cooperation of the IT sector in our region, says Lars Persson Skandevall, CEO of Bron Innovation.

- We have a high level of research within Internet of Things and are already developing solutions for a smarter society. Now we have the opportunity to do that with focus on availability. It is a very exciting and uncharted area where I see great potential for us to take a leading position, says Mattias O'Nils Professor at Mid Sweden University and Research Leader at the STC Research Centre. 

The project will be carried out by the members of Bron Innovation: Portal +, Masarin Consulting Group, Permobil, Telia, Wevill Sweden, Icomit, Pro & Pro, Mid Sweden University, RISE Acreo, Bron Innovation and Sundsvall Municipality.

The project period is June 2018 to June 2021


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