International conference on future X‑ray technology celebrates 20 years

Thu 21 Jun 2018 15:51

Between 24-28 June, 200 people from 26 countries will visit Sundsvall to discuss the latest research in X-ray technology. In conjunction with the first edition of the 1999 International Conference iWoRiD in Sundsvall, a work started this autumn leading to the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Christer Fröjhd
Christer Fröjdh, Professor and host of iWoRiD 2018, shows the detector that became one of the results of the first iWoRiD conference in Sundsvall in 1999. Photo: Christine Grafström

- Research in x-ray technology has a major impact on society. In addition to improving and developing X-ray devices in healthcare, it can be used in material research and environmental measurements. Using the technology, we can, for example, detect heavy metals in fly ash from power plants and waste water from landfills, says Christer Fröjdh, initiator, conference host and Professor at the the Research Center Sensible Things that Communicate at Mid Sweden University.

When the conference started in Sundsvall 20 years ago, the number of participants was modest, around 60 researchers. Over the years, the conference has grown and has been touring Europe around cities such as Paris, Krakow and Barcelona. Now there are usually about 200 people participating. Next year, iWoRiD is held in Kolymbari in Crete, Greece.

Twenty years ago, the researchers who participated in the conference, started a co-operation on an X-ray detector. The development of these detectors lies at the heart of Richard Henderson's work that led to the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017. Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson were awarded for the development of cryoelectron microscopy, a method that revolutionized the depiction of biomolecules. Detectors of this type are also used today in Mid Sweden University’s research.

June 26 at 8.30 am Richard Henderson's research colleague Dr. Wasi Faruqi to hold a brief lecture on the technique of cryoelectron microscopy at Quality Hotel Sundsvall.

- It's gratifying that we celebrate 20 years here in Sundsvall and having the opportunity to showcase our beautiful city! I look forward to four rewarding days with exciting discussions and new international networks, "says Christer Fröjdh.

During the conference days, guests will get to know the city by guided tour of Sundsvall Stone town, a boat trip with M / S Medvind with archipelago buffets and conference dinner with Nordic touch on Hotell Södra berget.


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