New PhD student – Isaac Sánchez Leal

Wed 20 Feb 2019 13:21

STC would like to welcome a new PhD student, Isaac Sánchez Leal. Isaac has an MSc in Electronic Design and he will focus his research on the area of Wireless Sensor Networks. 

Isaac Sanchez Leal

Can you tell us a little about your background?

I have worked for many years in a family business dedicated to the automotive sector in Madrid, Spain.  My main tasks were focused on the estimation of the prices of repairing damaged vehicles and contributing to the general direction of the company.

In 2011 I started my bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering and Industrial Automation at the University of Alcalá, Madrid. Later I went to the United Kingdom to study my second Bachelor in Aeromechanical Engineering at Glyndŵr University, Wrexham. After my degree, I came to Sundsvall and started at the Mid Sweden University in 2016, to obtain my Master of Science in Electronic Design. After my M.Sc., I applied for a PhD here at STC.

What is your area of interest?

My expertise is within Wireless Sensor Networks. I am interested in this area as it is a very dynamic technology therefore it can be applied to many various things.

What is it that you are going to investigate in your Ph.D?

I am still deciding on my topic but it will be within wireless sensor network, with the latency and data topics.

How do you like it here at Mid Sweden University?

I really like it here. It is a small university with a very friendly atmosphere. That is why I decided to stay here for my PhD. I am also trying to learn some Swedish. I have studied Swedish for 2,5 months and can now understand and speak a little bit. I enjoy learning this language.

What do you do in your spare time?

I live in Sundsvall with my wife and we really enjoy the snow and the nature that surrounds the city. I often go for a run, but I like alpine skiing too. I am also involved in a project at the University of Manchester. In this project  I am working with control electronics related to the topic of drones. I deal with the design and study of different altitudes and stability control systems and their improvement through the application of genetic algorithms or other intelligent control technics.



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