What does a researcher do?

Thu 28 Feb 2019 16:06

What does a researcher do? That did the students at Sundsvall Gymnasium – Västermalm secondary school, get a presentation of when STC researchers Börje Norlin, Enkeleda Balliu and Siwen Ann held a lecture on the theme. This lecture is the start of the Mid Sweden University essay competition 2019!

Siwen An

Börje began by telling how research results can be useful in society by showing examples from when his own research was published in scientific journals,  the company Philips Medical showed interest and the research results contributed the company's product development and hence contributed to better healthcare equipment in the world.

Siwen An, a PhD-student at STC, told about her experiences of going from student to a company engineer and finally to doctoral student and about all places around the world that she visited. She also talked about her passion for environmental issues and wanted to improve the environment in her home country. That’s how she finally ended up at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall to research about environmental measurements. PhD-student Enkeleda Balliu talked, among other things, about how the stereotypical image that many have of researchers and how it differs from reality. She also told about her research, where she develops laser systems to process different materials.

This guest lecture is the start of the Mid Sweden University essay competition for students in the second year of the technical and science programs. The students compete about scholarship of total 11 000 SEK. The purpose of the essay competition is to arouse young people's interest in technology and research. The winners will be presented during festive forms at the school closing ceremony on June 14!


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