Meet research technician Tobias Marberg

Wed 17 Apr 2019 16:39

Tobias Marberg joined us at STC as a research technician earlier this year. He is part of a group of technicians and engineers who develop and build the demonstrators used in STC’s research projects.- What I like about this job is that it is very flexible and varied! I am constantly evolving and have great colleagues! Tobias says.

Tobias Marberg

Can you tell us a little about your background?

I have been interested in technology since I got my first computer as a child, and I started to learn programming. Both my brother and I were interested in electricity and electronics. Today he is an electrician and I work with electro, microelectronics among other things. Despite my technology interest, I studied social science in the upper secondary school. Instead, I studied technical subjects afterwards, for instance, I certified in the Microsoft portfolio.  After that, I started working as a technician in help desks and technician at various companies. I have also been cycling on at professional level for four years. Cycling is still a big part of my life as I am a spinning instructor at a local gym here in Sundsvall. Above all, it is the mental part my cycling that I carry with me in my job, never give up – “always find a way”

What is your area of work?

I work as a research technician, which means that I create, design and build demonstrators that are part of our various research projects. There is a lot of CAD drawings and 3D printing for, for example, protective casing for sensors to measure air, snow depth and more. Recently, I equipped 14 cyclists in Sundsvall with sensors that measure the cycle paths for snow clearing. I designed and 3D-printed mounts for the sensors.

How do you like it here at Mid Sweden University?

I really enjoy it here! I have a flexible and varied job. What I like is that you are given own responsibility to get in charge of tasks and to develop them yourself. There is so much knowledge here at STC! If you are stuck, there is always someone to ask. I have lovely colleagues and we have a great atmosphere in our small group of four people. It is important to enjoy your job and your workplace. Then you can give that “little extra”!

What do you do in your spare time?

It is the peak season for cycling right now so I have about 4-5 spinning classes a week. Actually, I am quite a lazy person, but as an instructor, I get the training on a regular basis. 80-90 percent in my classes are regulars and that feels great! During my classes, I show cycling videos from different places in the world. I often try to learn some facts about the places we visit to make the classes more interesting. It is fun to see that people are motivated and take hold of their training.

Except from cycling, I also like dogs and I would like to have one, as I am a dog person. We had several dogs when I grew up. I also did my military service as a dog handler. Unfortunately, I do not have the time in my busy life right now. However, I have a cat called Tuffis, and he is very well trained! To be a cat, he is very easy to learn. The biggest advantage Tuffis has is that he is food motivated and it is something that I can use just as when I train a dog. Some of the commands he can do is: Sit, still, go down, change place, go in, go home, no, snap with your fingers and point to somewhere = go in that way and eat on command.


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