Mikael Gidlund appointed as adjunct professor at Beijing Jiatong University

Fri 15 May 2020 16:33

Prof. Mikael Gidlund at the STC Research Center, Mid Sweden University, has been appointed as adjunct professor at Beijing Jiatong University in China.

Mikael Gidlund

He will be a member of the research group “National Engineering Laboratory on Interconnection Technology for Next Generation Internet” at the School of Electronic and Information Engineering.

The research group. that short is called NFL, is one of the largest research centers on Industrial IoT in China and directed by Prof. Honke Zhang and Assoc. Prof. Dong Yang, two well-known researchers within the field.

- It is a great honor to get this request and an opportunity for us to deepen our collaboration with the best researchers within Industrial IoT. It also shows that our research at STC holds high scientific quality, said Prof. Mikael Gidlund.

NFL have about 20 faculty members including five professors, five associate professors, and nearly 200 Ph.D. and master students. The research environment also offers well-developed laboratory opportunities which offers a unique testing environment of both hardware and software.

- We will start our collaboration with joint research articles but later we plan to expand the cooperation with research exchange of both PhD students and postdocs as part of our internationalization strategy, Mikael summarize.

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