Congratulations to Dr. Muhammad Abu Bakar

On June 9, PhD student Muhammad Abu Bakar, sucessfully defended his Doctoral thesis. Congratulations from all of us at STC!

Muhammad Abu Bakar, disputation

Muhammad Abu Bakar held his presentation "Wide Range Isolated Power Converters" online in Zoom and on YouTube.

Nearly 40 people attended the seminar in Zoom and approxemately 20 people on YouTube.
The opponent and the grading committee particpiated in Zoom. 
After the chair of the Grading committee had appointd the new doctor, we alla made a digital toast! 
Congrats Bakar!

Main supervisor: Professor Kent Bertilsson
Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Johan Sidén
Opponent: Associate Professor Jorge Garcia, University of Oviedo, Spain

Examination committee:
Professor Torbjörn Thiringer, Chalmers University, Sweden
Professor Hans Bängsson, Professor, Lund University, Sweden
Docent Jonas Örtegren, Mid Sweden University

Defence of Doctoral Thesis in electronics with Muhammad Abu Bakar

The dissertation is about the design and development of a wide range power converters. It proposes an extension of the operating range of both the input side and the output side. A novel power converter has been proposed having the structure of 2x3 reconfigurable modes. By applying this structure the gain of the converter can be raised to 8. This broadens the scope of the thesis from automotive applications to renewable energy sources. A comprehensive theoretical and experimental work has also been included which further simplifies the implementation in a wide range of applications.

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