Yongwei Li presented his doctoral thesis on June 20 and he got a clear pass from the grading committee. Congratulations Dr. Yongwei LI!

Yongwei Li, dissertation

Yongwei Li presented his thesis "Computational Light Field Photography – Depth Estimation, Demosaicing, and Super-Resolution" online in Zoom and on YouTube.

Nearly 40 people attended the seminar online. The opponent and the grading committee also particpiated in Zoom. After the chair of the grading committee had give the "pass" to the new doctor, we all made a digital toast! 

Congrats Yongwei!

Public defence seminar with Yongwei Li - pictures

Short description of the thesis

Since the first roll film camera brought to masses by Kodak in the second half of 19th century, people have been obsessed with recording their lives with photographs. Thanks to the burgeoning growth of computer science and digital sensors, late 20th century witnessed the progression from film cameras to digital cameras.

Today, we are facing a new leap in media – from 2D planar contents to 3D immersive experiences. As a solution to 3D media, the light field technology has been actively studied by scientific community for the last twenty years, and light field cameras entered consumer market in early 21st century.

This thesis describes the challenges and opportunities of the light field from a computational photography perspective, and aims to boost the visual quality and performance of the light field data after its capture.