Mon 11 Jan 2021 11:26

On January 8, Xinyu Ma successfully defended her doctoral thesis "Power Estimation for Indoor Light Energy Harvesting". Congratulations Dr. Xinyu Ma!

Xinyu Ma - dissertation

Opponent Associate Professor Alex Weddell, University of Southampton.
Grading committee:
Professor Olfa Kanoun
Chemnitz University of Technology
Dr. Brendan O’Flynn, Tyndall National Institute Cork
Professor Kent Bertilsson, Mid Sweden University.

Supervisors: Professor Bengt Oelmann and Dr. Sebastian Bader.


Watch presentation of the thesis on YouTube and more pictures below. 

Watch Xinyu Ma presents her PhD thesis

Xinyu Ma - dissertation

Pictures from the dissertation

Xinyu Ma - dissertation supervisors Sebastian Bader and Bengt Oelmann

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