Dr. Sebastian Bader ‑ new associate professor at STC

Fri 29 Jan 2021 16:41

We congratulate Dr. Sebastian Bader who as of January 26th is appointed associate professor at STC!

Sebastian Bader - docentföreläsning

Did you miss his lecture "Energy-autonomous Embedded Systems 101"? You can watch it on YouTube, link below. 


Embedded computer systems can be found nearly everywhere in our daily lives, and their numbers are still increasing. New paradigms, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), are expected to lead to billions - if not trillions - of new embedded systems. Many of these devices will have difficulties to be powered by wired infrastructures, creating an overall IoT power supply challenge. Although batteries are an alternative for such devices, an increasing utilization of batteries introduces undesirable drawbacks for the individual devices and for the IoT at large.

A more recent power supply alternative is enabled by the use of energy harvesting technologies, which convert energy that is available in the devices’ environments in non-electrical format into electrical energy. This lecture will deal with an introduction to energy harvesting in order to enable energy-autonomous embedded systems. The lecture will provide information of what energy harvesting is, and is not; why and in what cases energy harvesting is of interest; and what challenges need to be addressed in order to construct energy-autonomous embedded systems.


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