InfraVis will make it easier for researchers to visualize scientific data

Mon 13 Jun 2022 14:40

InfraVis has been awarded funding by the Swedish Research Council in the large call "Contribution to research infrastructure of national interest 2021" to build a new national infrastructure for visualization and analysis of scientific data.


​Today, the latest technology in data visualization is available at several universities in Sweden, but for the individual researcher it can be difficult to get started as a user as the technology requires expertise, time and resources. InfraVis will be able to remedy this by creating a common gateway to the advanced technologies in combination with competence-enhancing initiatives for researchers around the country. 

InfraVis thus meets a growing need and Monica Billger, main applicant and Professor of Architecture and Visualization at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at Chalmers, expects users from a wide range of disciplines such as humanities, medicine, and technology, already during the first year.  

– Data analysis is an increasingly important part of the researchers' workflow, but also a challenge as it can involve very large and complex amounts of data. Here, visualization can come in as an important tool for activating our ability to recognize patterns and detect trends, says Monica Billger. 

In addition to support researchers, InfraVis experts around the country will be strengthened themselves through collaboration. Local resources will also be given the opportunity for further development in a sustainable structure. Anders Ynnerman, Professor of Visualization at Linköping University, which is one of the collaborators, states that “the investment in InfraVis confirms Sweden's strong position in visualization research in the world and gathers the country's experts to offer Swedish researchers unique opportunities for advanced visual data analysis. Anders Ynnerman think InfraVis is an example of a new generation of infrastructures that includes both hardware and software, but above all also human expertise. 

– The management of an infrastructure with nine different universities as partners requires good cooperation, which the InfraVis consortium already have established as the decision to fund the national infrastructure has been preceded by careful planning and close cooperation between the host university Chalmers and the other partner universities, states Monica Billger. 

The collaborating parties are Chalmers University of Technology, University of Gothenburg, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Linköping University, Linnaeus University, Lund University, Mid Sweden University, Umeå University and Uppsala University. 


Quote from the international assessor’s remark:

“The idea of a visualization competence infrastructure is novel, timely and needed. InfraVis combines national strength in this field to propose a new model for making this competence accessible to other fields. It could serve as a blueprint for other IT competence fields in Sweden and for visualization in other countries. This is an excellent project that addresses an important need, especially that this infrastructure is relevant to all sciences and also addresses important societal aspects. It would be unique in the world.”


More Information: 

Monica Billger, professor of architecture and visualization, Chalmers

Cecilia Lindhé, director of the Center for Digital Humanities, University of Gothenburg

Tino Weinkauf, professor of visualization, KTH

Anders Ynnerman, professor of scientific visualization, Linköping University

Andreas Kerren, professor of information visualization, Linnaeus Univeristy and Linköping University

Melvyn B. Davies,professor of astronomy, Lund University

Mårten Sjöström, professor of signal processing, Mid Sweden University 

Karin Danielsson, director of Humlab, Umeå University

Ingela Nyström, professor of visualization, Uppsala University


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