Javier Aranda – new doctor at STC

Fri 26 Mar 2021 10:42

STC congratulates Dr. Javier Aranda who on March 25, successfully presented his PhD thesis "Towards Self-Powered Devices Via Pressure Fluctuation Energy Harvesting".

Javier Aranda with his supervisors.

Title: Towards Self-Powered Devices Via Pressure Fluctuation Energy Harvesting

Main supervisor: Professor Bengt Oelmann

Co-supervisors: Associate Professor Sebastian Bader

Opponent: Professor Meiling Zhu, College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

Grading committee:

Professor Ali Muhtaroglu, Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, METU Northern Cyprus Campus

Professor Skandar Basrour, Polytech Grenoble – Université Grenoble Alpes - Grenoble, France

Associate. Professor Göran Thungström, Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall


Watch the presentation of the thesis

Javier Aranda defending his thesis.

Pictures from the dissertation


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