Markus is the first industrial PhD-student in AI at Försäkringskassan

Fri 20 Aug 2021 10:29

Meet Markus Fält, the Social Insurance Agency’s (Försäkringskassan) new industrial doctoral student. Markus will use log data to develop AI models that can detect faults in IT systems more quickly.

Markus Fält intervjufilm

The Social Insurance Agency has a very complex IT infrastructure and Markus’ role as an industructoral student is to see if you can use existing log data to build AI models that can automate root cause analysis and thus detect errors faster.

Markus is the Swedish Social Insurance Agency's first industrial doctoral student in AI. He will investigate the problems of root-cause analysis in large scale it-systems. In such systems a lot of data is often collected. When an error or large-scale failure occurs, this collected data is used by system experts to diagnose the error. This can be a very difficult task because of the large amount of data one might have to consider. Markus research aims to find correlations and error indicators in system data through the use of machine learning methods. Hopefully this can help in the task of finding the cause of an error or failure and maybe even prevent future errors or failures.

Markus PhD-position i thanks to a strategic agreement between Mid Sweden University and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency's IT department which has made a joint investment in AI, Artificial Intelligence. The investment goal is to attract and develop cutting-edge expertise in the area.

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