New technology to help minimize gas emissions from process industries

Wed 22 Sep 2021 09:08

The pulp industry is known for its, sometime, unpleasant smells. The smell is caused by gases leaking or being released from the pulp production.

Claes Mattsson at STC is heading the project “Data driven prediction and sensing of smelly gases”. The project will develop methods using machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict emission of smelly gases from pulp industries and bio refineries.

Disruptions in the production processes and leakages can lead to emissions of sulphate and volatile organic compounds (VOC). This implies costly production loss and effects the surrounding society in a negative way.

The project aims to develop an intelligent gas sensor that will be able to measure very low concentrations of gas emission. This will enable detection of the problem much earlier. In the future, it is possible to predict emissions and change production through analysis of materials and processes in order to minimize them.

The project is carried out within the strategic innovation program Process Industrial IT and Automation, a joint initiative by Vinnova, Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency.

Man står utomhus med en stad i bakgrunden.
Claes Mattsson and Henrik Rödjegård, from Senseair, talks about the project. (In Swedish.)


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