Dr. Patrik Österberg ‑ new associate professor at STC

Thu 15 Dec 2022 13:04

On December 15th Dr. Patrik Österberg was appointed associate professor at STC!

En man står och föreläser.

We congratulate Dr. Patrik Österberg who gave his trial lecture on Thursday the 15th of December. His lecture was titled “Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks”.

Två män i en föreläsningssal nedanför en stor skärm.

Pro dean Dan Bylund and Dr. Patrik Österberg.


Wireless networks have some great benefits over their wired counterparts, such as the reduced deployment cost of infrastructure and the support of mobile nodes. However, the wireless shared medium also brings some great challenges for data transmission, e.g. in terms of interference and collisions when multiple nodes what to transmit simultaneously. These challenges are even more severe if the networks are to be deployed in industrial scenarios with high requirements on reliability and low delay. Nevertheless, there are some approaches to cope with the contradicting relationship between physical prerequisites and requirements of the applications, as will be presented during this lecture. 


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