New industry council for education in electrical engineering and automation |

New industry council for education in electrical engineering and automation

Fri 02 Dec 2022 14:44

With a focus on the development of Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, the Master’s Programme in Electrical Engineering and the Automation Engineering programme at Mid Sweden University and the recruitment and competence needs of companies, a joint industry council have been started.

Students sit in a lecture hall and listen to a guest lecture.

The purpose of the Industry Council is to discuss the recruitment and competence needs, to gain input from the industry on the content and structure of education and to create collaborations in education.

– By creating a better dialogue about the skills requirements and needs that companies see, we want to be able to better and faster match our students’ education to their needs, says Sebastian Bader.

Companies in the industry are important actors and partners to Mid Sweden University and the idea with the Industry Council is to discuss the development and collaboration of the MSc Programme in Electrical Engineering, the Master’s Programme in Electrical Engineering and the Automation Engineering programme.

A first step for the Industry Council is to initiate a collaboration on students’ degree projects starting after the turn of the year. The companies in the industry council take stock of possible challenges that students can do their degree projects around.

– In addition to this, the Industry Council has also discussed other opportunities for collaborations such as guest lectures, study visits and events, as well as working jointly on the content and quality development of the courses, Sebastian continues.

Industry network niched towards students

There are plans to also set up an industry network that niches against students on the current programmes.

— We see an opportunity to connect students with companies early in the course by offering guest lectures, study visits and network meetings. Partly to gain a greater knowledge of the industry and partly to find opportunities for degree projects, Sebastian concludes.

Members of the Industry Council:

  • Håkan Norell, Permobil
  • Christine Hummelgård, SenseAir
  • Fredrik Lööw, Valmet
  • Mats Karlsson, Eurocon
  • Jens Jonsson, ABB

Programme Manager

  • MSc in Electrical Engineering: Henrik Andersson and Sebastian Bader
  • Automation Engineer: David Krapohl



ABB is a leader in technology for electrification and automation and enables a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. The company's solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimize how things are made, moved, operated and controlled. Based on more than 130 years of expertise, ABB's approximately 105,000 employees drive new innovations that accelerate the industrial transition.

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Contact ABB Sundsvall:

Jens Jonsson, Chief Technology Officer Process Industries Sundsvall, 070-355 91 81,


Eurocon offers cutting-edge expertise in the form of qualified services and systems for the implementation of industrial projects in the process and manufacturing industries, infrastructure and information systems of all sizes and complexities. The services cover the entire life cycle of an investment, from feasibility study to implementation projects and maintenance.

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Contact Eurocon:

Mats Karlsson, Business Unit Manager Sundsvall-Härnösand-Gävle, 070-32 60 438,

Tomas Brink, Supervisor degree project, 070-662 55 75,


At Permobil, we put the people who use our products first. Our purpose is to create innovations for individuals, to create advanced support solutions that enrich the lives of people living with disabilities. Our dedicated teams work tirelessly to make this possible, whether they're designing a new wheelchair, testing seat cushions or offering support to a physiotherapist. 

Our founders felt a strong commitment to giving people with reduced mobility a better life, and everyone at Permobil is still driven by the same strong commitment.

Now it makes us push the boundaries of technology and our own ingenuity in the pursuit of innovations that improve the quality of life for our users. As our users' needs are constantly changing, we work continuously to tailor their Permobil products to suit the needs of their everyday lives.

At Permobil, we are leaders when it comes to change. We see people's abilities. We create innovations for individuals.  With direct sales in more than 15 countries and production facilities in four countries spread across three continents, we are proud of our Swedish roots and global footprint.

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Senseair is a global, high-tech company in the research, development and production of gas sensors and gas sensor solutions. Within our product portfolio, you can find the most power-efficient carbon dioxide sensor in the world based on groundbreaking NDIR technology, and a completely touch-free alcohol sensor that sniffs up the driver's breath alcohol level without a mouthpiece.

As an industry leader with over 20 patented products, Senseair strives to continue to deliver innovative and effective solutions to customers and distributors all over the world. At present, about 200 employees work nationally within the company in Hudiksvall, Delsbo, Stockholm and Västerås.

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Valmet is a leading global developer and supplier of technology, automation and service in the pulp, paper and energy industries. Our strong technology offering includes entire pulp mills and production lines for tissue, paperboard and paper, as well as power plants for the production of bioenergy. Valmet's advanced automation solutions range from single measurements to extensive automation projects for entire plants. The service we offer includes everything from maintenance, spare parts and improvements to factories and facilities.

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The world of Valmet – YouTube 

Contact Valmet:

Beatrice Lampinen, HR, 060-165088,

Per Markström, Manager, E&I and Machine Control, +46 (72) 0801975,

Fredrik Lööw, Senior Automation Engineer, +46 (70) 2015097,


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